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Overview of NTW 2018

Nairobi Tech Week is back and bigger than ever before! This year, we bring you developer workshops from industry leaders, a Microsoft, Facebook and Visa hackathon powered by AngelHack and a full day of industry chats for you to get you inspired.

We will be giving out free tickets (only if accepted in the application process) because of our generous sponsors. We will be sending out an attendee application form, and choosing those who show the most excitement and intentionality to learn, grow and contribute at Nairobi Tech Week.

About Nairobi Tech Week

Nairobi Tech Week is Sub Saharan Africa’s largest tech event, powered by Moringa School, Africa’s #1 coding school, and focused on developers. In partnership with Microsoft and other sponsors, we’re excited to bolster the growing tech sector and culminate this support in one week. We look forward to seeing you soon.

As a recap of Nairobi Tech Week 2017, the event lasted four days – from a tech talk day representing various industries to a full-day of developer workshops, which culminated into a 2-day hackathon and industry-wide tech panels on the last day. We had over 350+ selected attendees, 76 speakers and 13 workshops. Our speakers and attendees included some of the most esteemed and influential people in Sub Saharan Africa.





2018 Speakers

Meet some of our incredible speakers


@ Safaricom LTD


    @ AfricaHackOn


      @Africa's Talking


        @ Secure Sec Inc.



            ALISSA ORLANDO

            @ Zephyr Acorn

              SOMET KIPCHILAT

              @ Microsoft 4Afrika

                MNIKELO QUBU

                @ Well Told Story

                  IAN MWAURA

                  @ MYDAWA

                    DR. JOSEPH SEVILLA

                    @ iLabAfrica

                      DANIEL YU

                      @ Sokowatch

                        LAWRENCE MUTHOGA

                        @ Microsoft 4Afrika

                          KENNETH KIMANI

                          @ JUMO

                            Amira Dhalla

                            @ Mozilla

                              Kamal Budhabhatti

                              @Craft Silicon

                                Sam Kitonyi


                                  Lorna Mutegi

                                  @Strathmore University

                                    Malaika Judd


                                      Dr. Bright Gameli

                                      @ Internet Solutions

                                        Irene Hu

                                        @Open Capital Advisors

                                          Stacey Ondimu Kimani

                                          @Director of Operations

                                            Jonas Tesfu

                                            @Pangea Accelerator

                                              Robert Yawe

                                              @Synaptech Solutions Limited

                                                June Okal

                                                @KO Associates

                                                  Douglas Ogeto

                                                  @Fuse Catalysts

                                                    Wesley Kirinya

                                                    @Leti Arts

                                                      Maurice Otieno

                                                      @Metta Nairobi

                                                        Stephen Kihiu


                                                          Faith Mwema


                                                            Samuel Mwai

                                                            @Isolutions Associates

                                                              Yacob Berhane



                                                                Don’t miss the incredible panels and workshops during Pre-NTW events and during NTW!
                                                                1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
                                                                Moringa School Women in Tech: "Everything on Demand Technology"

                                                                1:30 PM - 2:00 PM: Registration of Guests
                                                                2:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Panel Discussion & Ideathon Presentations
                                                                4:00 PM - 4:15 PM: Closing Keynote by Audrey Cheng
                                                                4:15 PM - 5:30 PM: Cocktail & Networking

                                                                Moringa School & Facebook
                                                                9:30 AM - 1:30 PM
                                                                Infrastructure Security and Monolith app to Microservices

                                                                9:30 AM - 10:00 AM: Registration and Light Breakfast
                                                                10:00 AM - 10:10 AM: Introduction
                                                                10:10 AM - 11:30 AM: Creating, Joining and Scaling a Tech Team: Lessons Learnt
                                                                11:30 AM - 12:00 PM: Break
                                                                12:00 PM - 12:45 PM:Transitioning from a Monolith Architecture to Microservices by Twiga Foods
                                                                12:45 PM - 1:30 PM: Infrastructure Security by Africa's Talking
                                                                1:30 PM - 3:00 PM: Lunch and Networking
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                                                                Twiga Foods & Africa's Talking
                                                                6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
                                                                How Developers Can Take Advantage of VISA APIs

                                                                6:00 PM - 6:30 PM: Registration
                                                                7:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Visa Everywhere Initiative
                                                                8:00 PM - 8:30 PM: Networking

                                                                10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
                                                                Introduction to the Rust Programming Language Workshop

                                                                Rust is a programming language designed to improve the experience of systems programming and thereby empower a broader range of people to write systems-level code. The workshop is focused on getting people with a background in another programming language to learn Rust and join the community. The first session will focus on Rust language syntax and semantics. Extra effort is made to relate Rust concepts to programming concepts in other languages, particularly popular scripting languages such as JavaScript or Ruby. This part consists of an interactive presentation followed by guided and self-directed practice. The second session leads students in a hands-on project: building a small website in Rust. Depending on your comfort and sense of adventure you can work more or less independently during this part- either heading off on your own, or pairing with a partner (or three!).

                                                                Rust Nairobi, JUMO & Africa's Talking
                                                                From 7:45 AM

                                                                Attendees selected to attend the conference will be asked to check in at the registration desk and collect their passes at this time at the registration area near the entrance of the building.

                                                                Tech Ecosystems Round Up From:
                                                                1. Florence Kimata- Ministry of Industry Trade and Cooperatives
                                                                2. Samuel Gikandi- Africa's Talking
                                                                Keynote From:
                                                                1. Amrote Abdella, Microsoft 4Afrika
                                                                Master of Ceremony:
                                                                Ali Hussein

                                                                9AM - Overnight

                                                                Microsoft Challenge: "Cortana Intelligence Suite"
                                                                VISA Challenge: "Visa Everywhere"
                                                                Facebook Challenge: "To Be Announced"

                                                                From 7:45 AM

                                                                Attendees selected to attend the conference will be asked to check in at the registration desk and collect their passes at this time at the registration area near the entrance of the building.

                                                                1. Isaac Markus, IBM
                                                                2. Lorna Mutegi, Strathmore University
                                                                3. Chris Orwa, Safaricom
                                                                4. Steve Kihiu, KPMG
                                                                5. Faith Mwema, PwC

                                                                Lunch will be served in the Students Center Building on the 4th Floor.

                                                                1. Michael Kimani, Blockchain Association of Kenya
                                                                2. Eugene Mutai, Andela
                                                                3. June Okal, KO Associates
                                                                4. Rosemary Koech Oxygene Marketing Communications Ltd.
                                                                5. Kenneth Kimani, JUMO
                                                                6. Dr. Joseph Sevilla, Strathmore University

                                                                by Eugene Mutai, Andela

                                                                9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
                                                                Cyber Security & Policy Panel Discussion

                                                                1. Bright Gameli, Internet Solutions
                                                                2. Gavriel Ng'ang'a AfricaHackOn
                                                                3. Samuel Mwai, Isolutions Associates Ltd
                                                                4. Juanita Omanga, VISA
                                                                5. Somet Kipchilat, Microsoft

                                                                Lunch will be served in the Students Center Building on the 4th Floor.

                                                                1. Alissa Orlando, Dynamo Advisors
                                                                2. Irene Hu, Open Capital
                                                                3. Yacob Berhane, M-Survey
                                                                4. Robert Yawe, Synaptech Solutions Ltd
                                                                5. Keziah Wangari, ViKtoria Venture
                                                                6. Jonas Tesfu, Pangea Accelerator

                                                                1. Paul Roy, Amazon Web Services
                                                                2. Kathleen Simiyu, Africa's Talking
                                                                3. Ciira Maina , Dedan Kimanthi University

                                                                1. Brian Afande, Black Rhino VR
                                                                2. Douglas Ogeto, Fuse Catalysts
                                                                3. Allan Mukhwana, Momentum Core
                                                                4. Wesley Kirinya, Leti Arts
                                                                5. Mnikelo Qubu, Well Told Stories

                                                                4th Floor, Students Center Building

                                                                1. Ian Mwaura, My Dawa
                                                                2. Amira Dhalla, Mozilla Foundation
                                                                3. Jonas Tesfu, Pangea Acelerator
                                                                4. Stacey Ondimu, Moringa School
                                                                5. Sunny Walia VISA

                                                                1. Yacob Berhane, M-Survey
                                                                2. Mark Karake, Impact Africa
                                                                3. Caine Wanjau, Twiga Foods
                                                                4. Maurice Otieno, Metta Nairobi

                                                                1. Leonida Mutuku, Intelipro Limited
                                                                2. Maryanne Mwaniki , Simple Alliance
                                                                3. John Kinyangi, Stanbic Bank
                                                                4. Maureen Macharia,
                                                                5.Sam Kitonyi, JUMO

                                                                1. Malaika Judd, Sendy
                                                                2. Dip Patel, Uber
                                                                3. Kamal, Little Cab
                                                                4. Ian, My Dawa
                                                                5. Daniel Yu, Sokowatch

                                                                4th Floor Terrace, Students Center Building

                                                                1. Lawrence Muthoga, Microsoft
                                                                2. Ben Roberts, Liquid Telecom
                                                                3 .Amira Dhalla, Mozilla Foundation


                                                                what people say

                                                                “NTW was just Super! We had an engaging and heated EdTech panel with attending government officials, and we found our amazing bot developer, Lando. Not missing this one for the world.”
                                                                Kago KagichiriCo-Founder and CEO @ Eneza Educaation
                                                                “NTW was one of the biggest gathering of driven developers looking to share and build on their knowledge Nairobi has ever seen!”
                                                                AARON FUManaging Director @ Metta

                                                                Free Ticket Applications

                                                                Board of Advisers

                                                                Somet Kipchilat

                                                                Technical Evangelist at Microsoft 4Afrika

                                                                  Stacey Ondimu-Kimani

                                                                  Director of Operations at Moringa School

                                                                    Graham Muhanga

                                                                    Developer Outreach at Africa's Talking

                                                                      Maurice Otieno

                                                                      General Manager at Metta

                                                                        Caine Wanjau

                                                                        CTO at Twiga Foods

                                                                          Sandra Mukidza

                                                                          Events and Outreach, Moringa School

                                                                            Tech Week Awards 2018 Nominations

                                                                            Nominate a company you believe is worth recognizing that falls within these three categories: Innovators, Cultivators or Tech Makers


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