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Overview of NTW 2017

Nairobi Tech Week is back and bigger than ever before! This year, we bring you developer workshops from industry leaders, a Facebook hackathon powered by Angel Hack and a full day of industry chats for you to excel to the next level.

Attendance to NTW is free (only if accepted in the application process) because of our generous sponsors. We will be sending out an attendee application form, and choosing those who show the most excitement and intentionality to learn, grow and contribute at Nairobi Tech Week.

About Nairobi Tech Week

Nairobi Tech Week is Sub Saharan Africa’s largest tech event, powered by Moringa School, Africa’s #1 coding school, and focused on developers. In partnership with Facebook and other sponsors, we are excited to bolster the growing tech sector and culminate this support in one week. We’ve crowd-sourced topics for our event and are looking forward to bringing the various actors and influencers in the tech ecosystem to one space and exhibit the forefront of innovation and technology. We look forward to seeing you soon.

As a recap of Nairobi Tech Week 2016, the event lasted four days – from a tech talk day representing various industries to a full-day of developer workshops, which culminated into a 2-day hackathon and industry-wide tech panels on the last day. We had over 450 selected attendees, 22 panels and 15 developer workshops. Our speakers and attendees included some of the most esteemed and influential people in Sub Saharan Africa.






Meet some of our incredible speakers


@ Daily Nation


@ Cheki


@ Liquid Telecom




@ Moringa School


@ Twiga Foods


@ Nerevu Development


@ BitHub.Africa


@ FarmDrive


@iLab Africa


@ Summit Recruitment


@ KPMG East Africa




@ Safaricom


@ Euclid Consultancy Ltd


@ Ernst & Young


@ Facebook


@ Liquid Telecom


@ Africahackon


@ Facebook


@ Cellulant


Don’t miss the incredible workshops Pre-NTW and all types of events during the 4 days of NTW!

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Facebook Bot Party: Messenger Challenge

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Presentation 1. Introduction to the Bots for Messenger Challenge
Presentation 2. Building Your Messenger Bot
Presentation 3. Messenger Bot Jam
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11:00am - 1:00pm
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning by Intel

Learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence focused on newly optimized frameworks for Intel Architecture The training will touch on topics relating to:
- Machine Learning & Deep Learning Fundamentals
- Applications in Real Life
- Deep Learning Examples, like Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for Image Recognition
- How Intel plans to help developers to improve performance of Machine Learning workloads
- What frameworks are optimized for Intel Architecture, and how you can get access to them
- And more!

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
#NextGenTech Powered by Moringa School & Cellulant

Join us as our panelists discuss the complexities and impact around IoT and Blockchains.

Moringa School & Cellulant
8:00 AM - Onwards

Attendees of NTW will be selected before the conference. Those selected will pick up their conference IDs at this time.

Jonathan Caldwell from Summit Recruitment will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Caine Wanjau (Twiga Foods)
Speaker 2: Kevin Guto (Cellulant)
Speaker 3: Mark Wachira (Seven Seas Tech)
Speaker 4: Sitati Kitui (Frontline SMS)

Learn from industry experts on best ways to acquire developer talent in Sub Saharan Africa!

In this hands-on workshop, learn from Jonathan at Summit Recruitment how to acquire developer talent in Sub Saharan Africa!

Jonathan Cadwell, Summit Recruitment

Kristen Schlott from Dalberg will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Mark Kamau (BRCK)
Speaker 2: Ibanga Umanah (Brave Venture Labs)
Speaker 3: Susan Kutalek (Dalberg Design Impact Group, M-FARM)
Speaker 4: Christabell Makokha (Mercy Corps: Agrifin Accelerate Program)

[Note: This is a paid event that is not included in the day pass.]

8:00 AM - Onwards

Attendees of NTW will be selected before the conference. Those selected will pick up their conference IDs at this time.

Jimmy Wayans from Africa Hackon will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Anthony Nzamu (KPMG)
Speaker 2: Gabriel Mathenge (‎Ernst & Young)
Speaker 3: Tyrus Kamau (Euclid Consultancy)
Speaker 4: Martin Karungi (Ministry of Security Office of the President)

Charles Kithika from Cheki will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Kennedy Kirui
Speaker 2: Timbo Drayson
Speaker 3: Alex Kimani (Cellulant)

[Note: This is a paid event that is not included in the day pass.]
Kamal Bhattacharya (Ihub)
Kamal Budhabatti (Craft Silicon)
Anad Mohan (TechnoBrain)
Savannah Kunovsky (Moringa)

08:00 AM - Onwards

Attendees of NTW will be selected before the conference. Those selected will pick up their conference IDs at this time.


Savannah Kunovsky from Moringa School will be running this panel
Speaker 1: Sam Kitonyi (JUMO)
Speaker 2: Thibaud Rerolle (Safaricom)
Speaker 3: Faizal Mizra (Cellulant)
Speaker 4: Naheed Hirji (Facebook)
One of the greatest challenges to technology companies across Africa is how to effectively scale their products into new markets, both operationally and technically. How do companies build products for scale and what should they consider as they scale across the continent? Learn from top CTOs and lead engineers about the technical processes and challenges they experienced in scaling their product beyond the initial market and how to build a product for scale.

Kago Kagichiri from Eneza will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Moses Mutuku (Eneza)
Speaker 2: Nivi Sharma (BRCK)
Speaker 3: Claire Mongeau (M-Shule)
Speaker 4: Regina Nkonge (iLab)

Education opens up new worlds for young people and adults alike. Technology can significantly increase the opportunities for access and quality of education. In this session, we'll discuss how developers can understand to building tech products that serve this unique user community.

Kachwanya will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Ben Roberts (Liquid Telecom)
Speaker 2: Mukira Gitonga (Chimera)
Speaker 3: Leonard Mabele (iLab)
Speaker 4: Mathew Kuloba (MKOPA)

The world is becoming more digital and technology is becoming infused in our day-to-day objects and needs. Internet of things has numerous applications and this session will explore the possibilities of IoT in Africa.

Kachwanya will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: James Muritu
Speaker 2: Dr. Bitange Ndemo (Daily Nation)
Speaker 3: Brian Omwenga
Speaker 4: Dr. Katherine Getao

In 2016, the Kenyan Minister of ICT Joe Mucheru said that getting Africans access to the Internet is more important than defending net neutrality, which he said is a “first world" problem. In this session, panelists discuss the realities of net neutrality in Kenya and whether there will be negative effects in the future.

"Moderator: Audrey, Moringa School Confirmed
Speaker 1: Sherry Dzinoreva (Facebook)
Speaker 2: Sam Kitonyi (JUMO)
Speaker 3: Joel Muigai (LiquidTel)

A great disconnect in the local tech ecosystem is between corporates and SMEs. Corporates often offer innovative approaches to support SMEs, yet SMEs are not informed of the value in using the developer or startup tools corporates have built to support SMEs. This panel brings about representatives from corporates to chat about the available tools, services and support that they give to developers and SMEs - particularly in Sub Saharan Africa.

Closing comments from: Facebook, Strathmore, JUMO, Moringa School

Facebook will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Roy Allela (Intel)
Speaker 2: Somet Kisome (Microsoft 4Africa)
Speaker 3: Paul Roy (ProLabs)
Speaker 4: Dave Mark (M-Changa)

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. With the increase of bot innovations and intelligent agents, where does Sub Saharan Africa fit in on the global scale? In this panel, local and global industry experts will discuss AI's current and emerging effects on the continent.

Sam Wakoba from TechMoran will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Eric Thimba (Mookh)
Speaker 2: Meera Shah (Jumia)
Speaker 3: Jean-Jacques Maikere (Jumia Market)
Speaker 4: Jamie Pujara (BuyRentKenya)

Our panel of experts will share their strategies, challenges and requirements from their supply chain and logistics, how they are handling their e-commerce customer demands and how they feel the logistics industry and government policy can support this.

Chris Orwa from Brave Ventures will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Sebi Salim (Eclectics)
Speaker 2: MacGregor Lennarz (Juntos)
Speaker 3: Dr. Abdigani Diriye (IBM)
Speaker 4: Reuben Cummings (Nerevu)
Speaker 5: Nikhil Ravichandar (Busara)
Speaker 6: Leonida Mutuku (Intellipro)

Some can argue that data science has impacted the financial technology industry the most through credit scoring, etc. What are the applications of data science in fintech? And what are the other possibilities that innovators are thinking about?

Sam Wakoba from TechMoran will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Bowen Williams (Lori)
Speaker 2: Malaika Judd (Sendy)
Speaker 3: Andrew Ruturi (Vitumob)
Speaker 4: Daniel Yu (SokoWatch)

Traditional industries have long been cornerstones of industry and economy in Sub Saharan Africa. New innovations like Uber is proving that platform-based solutions can disrupt traditional industries. In this session, we explore logistics as a traditional industry being disrupted by tech.

Techweez will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: John Karanja (Bithub Africa)
Speaker 2: Ali Hussein
Speaker 3: Rosemary Koech (Kimwatu)
Speaker 4: Thomas Kaberi (Crypto Assets)

Blockchain in Africa has been primarily talked about in the realm of bitcoin, but what else is possible? In this session, panelists explore and share the implications of blockchain technology in Africa.

Laban Cliff Onserio from NMG will be running this panel.
Speaker 1: Grant Brooke (Twiga Foods)
Speaker 2: Sewit Ahderom (Gro Intelligence)
Speaker 3: Mwinyi Bwika (WeFarm)
Speaker 4: Elvis Bando (FarmDrive)

Kenya's main industry is agriculture, composing around 29 percent of its annual gross domestic product. What are tech innovators in the space doing to enhance agriculture and make systems and supply chain more effective?

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“NTW was just Super! We had an engaging and heated EdTech panel with attending government officials, and we found our amazing bot developer, Lando. Not missing this one for the world.”
Kago KagichiriCo-Founder and CEO @ Eneza Educaation
“NTW was one of the biggest gathering of driven developers looking to share and build on their knowledge Nairobi has ever seen!”
AARON FUManaging Director @ Metta

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